proximity kitchensystem Standard Basins

The Standard Basin is the heart of the proximity kitchensystem.  With the outlet offset right and rear, plumbing can be confined the to right half of a 36" sink-base cabinet, allowing room for a pull-out carrying two 41-liter recycling bins on the left.

With the introduction of the Simplified program, the Standard Basin can be used with the Simplified accessories to get the majority of the workspace benefit available from the Standard counters for a substantially  lower investment.

The basin is constructed ("bent-and-welded") from 16-gauge prime 304 type stainless steel.  The bottom of the basin is sloped 150% of what is necessary to allow free flow to the drain.  The interior radii meet all National Sanitation Foundation standards and specifications.

The installation of the Standard Basin is utterly simple--the rim rests on the cabinetry and moves just enough to allow perfect alignment with the opening cut through the countertop material (template is included with basin), gravity working in favor of the longevity of the installation rather than against it.